Frequently Asked questions about shipping

1.  We currently do not offer a "Free Shipping" option.  We would rather keep our prices as low as possible. As most people know , there is no such thing as free shipping, that cost is in the price somehow.  In order to cover that cost, pricing would have ton increase a good bit to cover the areas we ship to.  We ship all over the country and shipping cost varies drastically.  Obviously, the further away you are from us , the more the shipping will be.  Small boxes can still be moderately cost effective, larger ones can be costly.  We do the best we can to keep these costs down. 
2.  The Shipping Module on the website prices ship estimates on UPS retail rates.   We use 4 different discounted UPS accounts that  work on different metrics. We go with the best option we can, sometimes even USPS, or now even a mix of UPS/USPS ( USPS being the last mile of the logistics process).  We give you the best price possible while also factoring in ship time vs. cost on each shipment.
3.  The Website can frequently estimate high to very high for some individuals.  Don't let this freak you out, we adjust on the back end.  The website only authorizes an amount, your final amount charged will usually be different.  We can go lower , but not higher than amount authorized.   It's a quirk of the website, but once you see how it works, it's no big deal.  We're not trying to gouge you on shipping,  we just cover our cost.   For some people the estimate is really close ( sometimes under actual cost), for some it can estimate 3-4 x the actual cost you will be charged. WE WILL ADJUST IT.
4.  For the most "Bang for Your Buck" in shipping we reuse Richardson boxes as much as possible, so filling up the boxes you will get the most for your shipping dollar.  A standard box will fit 24-30 caps before they start to get crushed.  Over 30 will spill over into another box.  So if you order 32 caps, you will have a 2nd box ( We tape up to 3 boxes together) will have a lot of empty space.  UPS goes more on box sizes than weight,  so 32 will cost almost be same price as 48 caps shipped.  Just a helpful tip.
We have several smaller boxes for orders of 15 pieces and under.
5.  If you have any hesitation on placing an order based on what looks like a high shipping rate , simply put items in your cart, call, text or email us ( see info below) and we can give you a more accurate ship cost.  This also applies if you need any Special or Rush Shipping.
6.   We are located in SE Georgia.  Our UPS picks up 3:30- 4:00 EST.   We pack orders all the way until they show up.  It is best to get you order in earlier in the day if it needs to go the same day.  Orders placed after 1 p.m. EST may not ship the same day if we have a lot of orders that day.   We ship all over the U.S., so keep your time zone in mind when ordering.
7.  If you have any questions.  Please Call (912) 284-0000,  Email [email protected], or Messenger us on FaceBook @AtlanticCap or my personal @jon.j.parker.  We answer questions through out the day and even after business hours.

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